** New episode 2: Now have a romantic hot air balloon trip with Retsy, Unicorn Seiya and Haida.
*** New bonus character and theme of FruityPoppin with her famous levitation move on IG 💃🕺👸

Fun, yet challenging Aggretsuko Retsuko jumping arcade game is here now.
Help Retsuko aka Retsy to bounce away. She is raging since Director Ton is chasing her.
And Help Unite Retsy and Unicorn Seiya or should it be Retsy and Haida !? :


Sanrio's extraordinary character, "Aggretsuko" from the hit Netflix Animation, is now available as a jumping action escape game!   Fun yet challenging

▼What is Aggretsuko?
Aggretsuko is a story of Retsuko (aka Retsy), a red panda who works in the Accounting Department of Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd.
She dreamt of enjoying the glamorous life as a career woman working at a commercial company, but in reality, her bosses bombard her with tasks and her coworkers push her around.
When the stress from her evil boss and foolish behaviors of her coworkers become too much to handle, she heads to the karaoke after work and starts screaming death metal to vent out her anger.

 Director Ton chasing Retsuko for more office works and pushing for deadline.  Retsy gets angry and raging. So she is trying run or more literally jump away from him.  If you pass the the first level, the atmosphere will change from gloomy to sunny and lighthearted.  

Help Retsy to get away.  

On mobile, the tilting is enabled (Chrome browser), but the itch.io version doesn't work, please try the mobile versions, great experience  (www.linktr.ee/momentsq), you just need to tilt the device but it's more challenging and fun :)

** Play directly in itch.io on mobile, swipe quickly to move right; and tap Retsuko head to move left; the swiping & taping control needs to be optimized, tilting works best on mobile; we will share updates later.  It just makes it more fun but harder to beat :)

This game is very intuitive, suitable for everyone.  Enjoy.  Will add more levels, check back again.

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>> www.linktr.ee/momentsq

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